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Beer At The Barbers

Some of you may remember that we did an online event called Beer At The Barbers. The basic premise was a beer and a casual chat in a barbershop environment.'s back. We talk about what we have been up to, beer, football, music and anything else you fancy chatting about. And because it's done online, you don't have to have the comfort of your own living room.

If you just want to watch, comment or ask questions, just visit our Facebook page at the correct time.

If you would like to participate and join us on screen, let us know and we'll send you a link. Past guests have included members of originals and covers bands, a local councellor, personal trainer, podcaster, online beer retailer and others. It would be great to hear from local musicians, sportspeople, bloggers, mental health professionals, brewers, entrepreneurs or anyone else who has an interesting story to tell or advice to share.

Oh...and you don't have to drink beer. You could just join us with a cup of tea if you like!!

The next one will be on Friday 13th August at 7pm. We will most likely be previewing the forthcoming Premier League season) with a slight Leeds United bias, but if you would like to have your say on any team's chances in any league, please feel free to join in. We'll also update you on the progress of our rebuild. We are open to discussions on any other subject too.

Be there, or be square!!


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