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Sobriety, Prizes, Bookings and The C Word

Phil is doing Sober for October. Initially it was just a personal challenge but, coincidentally, on 1st October he discovered a friend had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

So, now he's doing it for MacMillan. If you are able to donate just the cost of a beer (or coffee or other drink), please do at this link. The target is £200.

Thank you for your generosity.


Congratulations to Lynzi Fisher who won our September Google review competition.

Each month, the winner wins a free haircut and a Philip Nicholas T shirt.

Want to enter for October? You can submit your review at this link.


We have changed our booking rules as a consequence of losing a lot of money to last minute cancellations and no shows.

We previously allowed a VERY generous 1 hour window, up to which you would not be charged if you had to cancel or did not turn up. Please bear in mind that most places which take bookings (especially ladies' hairdressers, hotels and dentists) will charge you if you cancel within 24 hours.

We have now extended our chargeable cancellation/no show window to 6 hours. Please understand that last minute cancellations and no shows cost us money as the reserved time slot blocks other people from booking who may subsequently choose to go elsewhere. Slots are also very hard to fill at short notice, especially in our current temporary location.

Thank you for your understanding.


We all know it's coming and it'll be here before we know it.

Our Christmas and New Years hours have now been updated on Fresha. The early bird catches the worm etc...

Please support us further by buying gifts or gift vouchers from us. A lack of a high street presence is making things very difficult for us and your support is very much appreciated. Thank you.

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