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Can't Get In? Here's Why....

Hi! It's Phil from Philip Nicholas. You may or may not know that I am now working alone. Callum left us last year in November and after I tried some unsuitable staff between then and May, Callum returned. Hoorah!

Sadly (for both of us) it became apparent after a couple of months that the shop is too busy for one person, but not busy enough anymore for two. I believe that this is due to the state of the economy twinned with the explosion of cheap barbershops. Understandably, many people are looking to save money where they can and it has had a direct impact on us. So, unfortunately, I have had to let Callum go. The good news is he got another job straight away.

Of course, this means my availability is going to be more limited, especially when I have time booked off. So, early booking is recommended. In the next few weeks I will be unavailable during normal working hours due to holidays:

Saturday 26th August - closed from 12pm

Saturday 16th to Wednesday 20th September - closed all day

I would like to sincerely thank those who have continued to support me and the business. It really does me a lot to me. I have tried for over 9 years to provide a better level of service, in a more relaxed atmosphere than that offered in other establishments and I will continue to do so. Fingers crossed, the economy will improve and I will see many of our absent friends return, and we will get to celebrate 10 years of Philip Nicholas in April.

Finally, if anyone knows anybody who would like to rent a room, please do let me know. I currently have one stood empty.

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