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Car Crash

As you may be aware, a car crashed through the window of James's (tattooist) room.

Although the obvious damage is on his side, there is also significant damage on the barbers' side. the ceilings have had to be propped up on both sides, dividing walls have been demolished, the electrics aren't on and the water has had to be turned off as a pipe burst. Our temporary workstation was also destroyed.

We shall be temporarily be working from the following locations until the shop is made safe and the necessary building work has been done:

Phil - Bella Bonce, Richardshaw Lane (3 doors up from the Great Northern)

Esmee - The H.I.V.E. (opposite Philip Nicholas)

Lee and Jimmy - The Edge Boutique, 2 Queen Street, Morley, LS27 9DG

We shall update Fresha with our availability and post further updates here. Please download the Fresha app to make and amend bookings. Please also note that the card machine will only be available with Phil. So, if you are booking with anyone else, you need to pay though the app or with cash.

Thanks to everyone who has sent messages of support, supported us financially or sent messages of support. It's very much appreciated. We hope to be back soon.

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