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Expansion, freebies and parties!!


We are excited to announce the arrival of our newest recruit, Callum.

Callum is 20, and he has 3 years experience barbering in Guiseley and Otley and teaching barbering in Headingley

The arrival of Callum gives us much needed extra capacity for the new clients we have acquired since returning to Stanningley as well as extra holiday and sickness cover. It also gives Phil more scope to get the necessary admin done (skiver!).

You can check out Callum's work on Instagram @callumjoddy.



In addition to the arrival of Callum, we have now also expanded the barbershop. The painters and decorators have been in and made good the damage caused by the leak in the former tattooist's room and a new workstation has been created in there. There are still a few minor things to do but we now have 3 workstations up and running. We are using both halves of the shop and it will not be as crowded as it was pre-crash.


We are always striving to improve our offering to you. So, we are offering FREE shaves.

The aim is for our staff to exchange experiences and ideas in order that we can learn from each other.

These shaves can not be booked online. Please call or message us. We'll take your details and get back to you with a mutually agreeable time. No catch - it's absolutely free!!

Additionally, Phil will be on a course with the Wahl Artistic Team in Leeds city centre on Monday 11th July and needs two models for FREE haircuts.

For free haircuts or shaves, please call/email/message Phil on the usual channels.


Now that we have expanded into the left half of the shop and the decorators have done their thing, we are turning our minds to our re-opening party which was supposed to happen in April. Dates and times to follow.

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