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Nineteen COVID-19 Measures

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Many of you will naturally be concerned that you are going to be safe when you return to the barbers after the latest lockdown. Please see below the extensive list of measures which we take, which is mostly in line with, or exceeds, the guidance set out by the Government and hair industry bodies.

1. We are appointment only.

2. On arrival, we ask that you wait outside. The door may be locked to prevent people wandering straight in.

3. We ask all clients to come alone.

4. We ask that you practice social distancing if you are waiting outside.

5. We may allow you to wait inside, socially distanced and wearing a mask, in the event of inclement weather.

covid secure social distancing at the barbers
COVID Secure Barbers

6. No mask, no entry.

7. On entering the barbershop, you will be presented with a health questionnaire and invited to sanitize your hands.

8. You will then be directed straight to your chair.

9. Before you enter the shop, we shall use disinfectant wipes on the chair and worksurfaces.

10. We disinfect all of our combs with Barbicide and use disinfectant spray on other equipment.

11. We wash and change all of our gowns regularly. We use neck tape for hygiene purposes, so the gown is not in direct contact with your skin. We discontinued the use of disposable gowns both for comfort reasons, (they caused clients to sweat) and to reduce the large volume of single use plastic waste.

12. Unless the service requires you to remove your mask, or you are sipping a drink, we ask that you wear your mask at all times.

beard trim at the barbers
COVID Secure Beard Trim

13. Our staff will wear a Type II(R) surgical mask and visor whilst you are in the chair.

14. Drinks will only be served in disposable containers (i.e. paper cups or bottles) to prevent potential cross contamination.

15. You will be invited to scan the Government's Track and Trace QR code.

16. We have remove a chair to enable us to create more space between the other chairs.

17. We have also installed a large screen between chairs.

18. If we are required to work around your facial area (e.g. beard trim) we shall wear gloves.

19. The handling of cash is discouraged to prevent cross contamination. Please use contactless payment methods.

We are confident that we are the most COVID secure barbers you will find. If there are any other measures you would like to see introduced, please feel free to discuss it with us.

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Phil Townend
Phil Townend
Apr 27, 2021

We have amended one of our measures. For most services we are stood either behind or to the side of the client, both parties wearing a mask. This renders a visor useless in protecting us from droplets exhaled by the client. However, we shall keep a visor on hand and wear it when performing services in the facial area, which require the client's mask to be removed. E.g. shaving services, facial services, beard trims etc.

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