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Update as at 12th March...

Hi guys. Phip Nicholas will be open for 7 more weeks and I hope to see as many of you as possible in that time. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you all over the past ten years. In the meantime please note the following amendments to our hours and availability (at time of writing) to help you plan ahead:

Tuesday 12th March - 3.5 hours available (best day to book!!)

Wednesday 13th March - 1.5 hours available

Thursday 14th March - Closed

Friday 15th March - 1.5 hours available

Saturday 16th March - 1 hour available

Going forward, I shall be open 4 days per week. I shall be open the following days:

March - Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday only

April - Wednesday to Saturday only

This is to allow more time to focus on spending time dealing with business sale/closure admin as well as studying. My last day here will be Saturday 27th April. Thereafter, I'll be barbering on Saturdays only at The End in Bramley. These shifts can currently be booked on Fresha as normal and if I switch to their booking system, I shall transfer your bookings across.

Gemma will be in occasionally. She has no fixed hours. She has recently qualified as a barber and we have agreed that she can come in to gain experience. No experience = no job etc. Her services will be limited to cutting only and at a heavily discounted price. Please allow plenty of time - her speed will improve with experience.

The business has been up for sale for £50K since June but I have now reduced it to ONLY £25K for a quick sale. So, if you know anyone who might like to buy the business, please feel free to share this info with them.

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