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We Sure Do Miss This...

In the meantime, here is an update on the progress (not) being made...

The latest from the insurers is that we should expect to be back by the end of JANUARY!!

I know...initially it was the end of November, then December and now January.

We really would like to thank everyone who has continued to visit us. Your support is keeping us all in a job - thank you SO much.

When we return we shall occupy both sides of the premises as James, the tattooist, will sadly not be returning with us. It is our intention to have a refurbishment, 2 chairs in each half AND a bar (we got our alcohol licence just before the crash happened).

Working from home? Please take a break and book a midweek appointment, freeing up the more popular evening/weekend appointments for those who find it harder to get in.

We have a winner!!

Each month we are holding a draw for clients who give us a review on Google. The winner will receive a Philip Nicholas T shirt and a free haircut. The winner for August is Andrew Simpson. Well done.

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