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What's Going On, Phil?

Hi guys! How are you all? I hope the weather isn't dampening your spirits. I just felt the need to send out a little update to let you know what is or isn't currently happening at PN and also dates for Christmas.


I am not actively looking for staff. If the right person comes along and wants terms that suit us both, then great. As things stand, there is not enough work for two people, but often too much work just for one. I can't win, can I? LOL

I really don't want to lower my offering to you guys and start competing on price. I would just be a busy fool, and probably no better off for it.


I am studying for a change of career, but I don't anticipate anything serious happening before next summer. Feel free to ask for updates when you come in. It's not a secret.

Again (probably like most people) if the right opportunity came along before, I may consider it. I will probably continue barbering locally in a more limited capacity even if I do close. Who knows...if the right staff came along, I may stay open and have the place managed for me through the week. There's a lot of uncertainty currently in that regard.

Hopefully that's any questions answered/rumours quashed.


99% of PN clients are VERY considerate with regards rescheduling/cancelling their appointments, and I have a very low no-show rate compared to the rest of the industry, but even so, please don't let me or yourself down. No-shows will be barred from booking online but may

book if they pay in advance. They will also be welcome to walk-in appointments.


PN will be closed on the following dates: Friday 3rd November (from 2pm)

Saturday 4th November

Christmas Eve (closing at 2pm) to Thursday 28th December.

New Years Eve (closing at 2pm) to Tuesday 2nd January

Christmas and New Year appointments are now available to book on Fresha. Click here.

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